Nava Nirman Education & Welfare Society

Nava Nirman Public School, is a visionary venture of Nava Nirman Education & Welfare Society (Nava NEWS), established in 1978. The Society is registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955 and ably administered by the School Managing Committee.

Our Founder & Patron

Men of great vision tread paths less taken and so did Mr. C.V. Paul, Nechupadom - an ardent educationist. He believes that the only perfect gift that you can give the world is the gift of yourself at its best. Not just the skill of the hands, or the brilliance of the brain but your dreams and your finest resolutions.

His background of education in Law and Economics, coupled with his unusual God-given gift of creativity has empowered him to provide unique solutions to every area of life that he has touched. A man of deep convictions, integrity and justice, has has left a mark of quality and vision which could only be achieved through utmost dedication and focus on goals.

From managing a family plantation, to heading construction projects of dams, bridges and tunnels, he moved to an adventure with various manufacturing enterprises. He founded Polyformalin Limited and Lamina Reinforced Plastics. His is also the Founder Chairman of Synthite Industrial Chemicals and a host of other business ventures. Writing is another of his passions and way back in 1951, he started a newspaper named 'Aikyamunnani' along with his close friends Mr. Vayalar Rama Varma and Mr. Kalavamkodom Balakrishnan. In 1978, he founded Nava Nirman Education and Welfare Society which is responsible for running Nava Nirman Public School.

He is also a management expert and loves reaching out to the youth on the topic. Mr. Paul has set up a Golf Training Centre in Puthencruz and is also the Chairman of the All India Chemical Industries Association - Kerala Chapter.

Mr. C.V.Paul is a person who touches a chord within you and it is often in awe that the Navanirmanites listen to his words of wisdom. His unassuming manner and his down-to-earth approach highlights the fact that greatness lies in simplicity.

Our Logo

The circle is a representation of the Fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of all humanity. The cardinal directions surrounding it form the guiding principles of all creation and is the inspiration of Nava Nirman Education & Welfare Society. The open notebooks form the cornerstone of knowledge and harmony, ever-kindled to enlighten.