Discipline is an act of love and it calls for hard work, responsibility and leading by example. Leaders listen an open mind , learn from everything. They respect, trust and encourage others to work as a team. In short leaders commit to excellence.

The Student Council provides a platform to nurture leadership qualities among Navanirmanites. The Council is led by the Head Boy & Head Girl. The Council also has House Captains, Sports Captains, Cultural Secretaries & Literary Secretaries.

Class Captains are chosen from each class and hold their post for a term.

Head Boy
Joseph T john
Head Girl
Malavika Vasudevan

Assistant Head Boy

Joe Varghese
Assistant Head Girl
Gopika Sreekumar
Cultural Secretary
Dani Sam Jose
Assistant Cultural Secretary
Aishwarya Shyam Kumar
Junior Cultural Secretary
Gopika Suresh
Literary Secretary
Anand Varghese
Assistant Literary Secretary
Arundathi K
Junior Literary Secretary
Afnitha K H
Sports Captain
Surath Varghese
Sports Vice-Captain Catherine
Sports Vice-Captain
Gokul Das
Junior Sports Captain
Tibin Thomas
House Captain
Akhil M E
House Captain
Abhishek P Anil
House Captain
Aravind J K
House Captain
Nitha Elizabeth
House Vice-Captain
Akhila Vinod
House Vice-Captain
Aishwarya Suresh
House Vice Captain
Nimrah Rasheed
House Vice Captain
Denil Basil
Junior House-Captain
Sreedevi S Warrier
Junior House-Captain Moh Jassim
Junior House-Captain Joan Lilly
Junior House-Captain Akshaya Sreekumar

Junior House-Captain

Ayan Augustine
Junior House-Captain Femil Varghese
Junior House-Captain Akhil S Pillai
Junior House-Captain Sharath S Mathew
Junior Student Council

Junior Head Boy Aaditya Chandran
Junior Head Girl Emilda Jaison
Sub-Junior House Captain Joseph B Thomas
Sub-Junior House Captain Nila Nidhi
Sub-Junior House Captain Alend Jaimon
Sub-Junior House Captain Anjali Joseph
Sub-Junior House Captain Akshay Thomas
Sub-Junior House Captain Tiyara Jose
Sub-Junior House Captain Adwaith Balaram Nair
Sub-Junior House Captain Gayathri Sreekumar
Sub-Junior Sports Captain Aveen Augustine
Sub-Junior Sports Captain Deneetta Davis
Sub-Junior Cultural Secretary Alex Abraham George
Sub-Junior Cultural Secretary Gayathri K
Sub-Junior Literary Secretary Devika Deepu
Sub-Junior Literary Secretary Amy M Elamblasseril