School Rules

These guidelines have been laid down to ensure that every Navanirmanite steps out into the world as smart, well-groomed, disciplined citizens of gen-next. Please read them carefully and abide by them.

Parent School Partnership

The following rules have been carefully designed to encompass all the important aspects of a Navanirmanite's School Life. All correspondence must be written and via the Nava Handbook.


  • Please acknowledge the receipt of any circular that has been sent to you by signing in the 'Circular Record Page' of the Nava Handbook.
  • Please ensure that your contact numbers recorded with the School Office are up-to-date. This will allow us to communicate with you in case of an emergency.


Regular attendance at school goes a long way to achieve a student's full potential. At Nava Nirman, we encourage students to  be punctual and to have a 100% attendance. In case your child is unable to attend school for some reason, please ensure that a leave note is included in the Nava Handbook on the next school day. A medical certificate is required, should your child be absent for more than three days.


Hygiene & Turnout

A well groomed Navanirmanite, is our delight!

Students are expected to attend school, well-groomed and neatly dressed, in the full prescribed school uniform. They are expected to be in the complete prescribed school uniform when entering the school campus, even if they are required to come to school for any extra class/activity.

Nava Nirman Dress Code:

  • The School Uniform must be neatly pressed.
  • School shoes must be polished daily and worn with the School-prescribed socks.
  • The school belt and ID cards are mandatory. ID cards must be worn at all times when a student is on Campus and when aboard the School Bus.
  • On rainy days, students may wear plain black sandals. Fancy/coloured footwear are strictly prohibited.
  • On birthdays and occassions when students are permitted to wear casual clothes, students must be modestly and appropriately attired for school. To celebrate the occassion, we encourage children to contribute books to the School Library.
  • Boys must have regular haircuts.
    Senior boys must attend school neatly shaved.
  • The use of hair gel is not permitted.
  • Boys are required to wear vests.

  • Girls must tie their hair back using black bands. Girls with long hair should plait their hair.
  • Flowers, fancy hair clips, highlights, long earrings, nail polish and lip gloss are not permitted on campus. Gold earrings, if worn, must be restricted to a small stud.
  • Jewellery such as necklaces, bangles, rings, bracelets, anklets are not permissible.
  • All girls should wear slips and tights.

Discipline and Decorum

At Nava Nirman, we believe in instilling perfect discipline and decorum amongst our students. Good behaviour is most essential for a well-rounded personality.

  • Destruction of School property, in any form, will attract a fine.
  • Students are not permitted to carry electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, music players, USBs, laptops, cameras etc. If found, the gadget will be confiscated and not returned; and the student will be liable for disciplinary action.
  • Students must take care of their belongings. The School is not responsible for any loss. A 'Lost and Found' box has been placed in the School Office. On proper identification of any lost item, it will be returned to the respective owner.
  • Use of abusive language, gestures, inappropriate behaviour on Campus and aboard the School Buses will be dealt with severely.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted on campus.
  • The Nava Nirman Campuses are plastic-free zones. Kindly work with us to protect Mother Earth.
  • Littering the campus is considered an act of indiscipline.