The E3@Nava Programme

The art of living calls for enhanced skills. The E3@Nava Programme along with stimulating environment essential for honing these skills ensures that students are exposed to the best.

The exuberant Performing & Fine Arts Departments introduce the students into the mellifluous world of Eastern and Western Music, Choral Singing, Guitar, Keyboard, Dramatics, Art & Craft, Sculpture and Dance.

Workshops are held at regular intervals to promote values for life. Self-help is the best help - the Home Science Department highlights this by introducing the students into the Culinary Arts, Stitching, Knitting and basic home economics.

The aim of all education is to prepare the individual to choose a career that will help build a successful future - career talks by eminent people guide the young minds in the right path.

Physical fitness ensure a healthy mind and the School promotes it in a big way. Outdoor activities include Basketball, Atheletics, Golf and Swimming.The Silver Jubilee Indoor Stadium, the Indoor Games Room and other Sport s areas offer excellent venues for Skating, Snooker, Chess, Yoga and Karate.

The N.C.C. (National Cadet Corps) Unit of the School is a venture that promotes national integration, besides teaching students the values of discipline, loyalty and integrity.

Nava Nirman offers several forums for co-scholastic and co-curricular activities for students. These activities supplement learning through hands-on experiences:

  • The 'Nava Planeteers' - the EnCon Club, instils in students the love of nature and the responsibility of protecting Mother Earth and gives them an opportunity to try their hand at gardening.
  • 'Health is Wealth' - the maxim is enforced by the Health Club.
  • Learning is made fun through the initiatives of the Language Club with creative activities that perfect the art of speaking, reading and writing.
  • 'Globus' is the platform of the Social Studies Department that believes that the world is a global village- it gives them an insights to broaden their horizons.
  • The Social Service Club leads the 'Nava Shares' outreach program. It encourages children to understand the value of sharing and caring for the needy.





























Learning Expeditions

Nava Nirman conducts regular field trips and educational tours to enhance the teaching-learning programme. We also organise class excursions to allow the students to unwind and rejuvenate. All students are highly encourage to be part of such endeavours.